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Recorded in the Winter of 2010, this 2 song demo is Choirs' first release.
It features Matthew Scaggs on vocals, and Wes Powers on the drums, both of whom are no longer with the band.
There were about 100 copies made on CDR's with paper cases and inserts, most of which were passed out in Austin Texas during SXSW and sold/given away at shows.

All copies are long since gone, but now you can download the album and see what Choirs started as...

"winter demo" (2010)

Matthew Scaggs - Vocals
Schuyler Heinsohn - Guitar
Zachary Franco - Guitar
Bryan Powell - Bass
Wesley Powers - Drums

Recorded Winter 2010 by Juan Cantu at Schuylers house/the former Choirs practice pad.

Track listing:
1. Pallbearer
2. Bigger Badder Wolves

Special thanks to Matt and Wes for being a part of the band, we've grown a lot since this recording but we would never be where we are now without them. Another thanks to Juan, for recording us for free, putting up with our shenanigans, and being an all around major dude.



released September 30, 2012



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Track Name: Pallbearer
That familiar feeling, when you’re lost in your own head. Every page that I’ve drown in ink lays crumbled by my nightstand. Words can’t lend a helping hand. Reliability is fucking dead, and I can’t lie to myself I put it down without a second glance. I still remember that crooked smile. These songs don’t help, I’m still shivering blue, while you lay in bed, and know this next one’s all for you. Torn apart promises, my eyeballs leaking red. This is rapture, cold abandonment, for every time that God didn’t get the hint that we were but mere pencil mark mistakes that he should have erased. I stay anxious for the end.
Track Name: Bigger Badder Wolves
Twenty one years young, but I can’t recall feeling this old. Winter leaves it’s teethmarks on my back, but I leave it exposed. Absolution’s always been a tough pill to swallow, and my youth’s been a hard thing to hold. The road home is hard to follow when you can’t start from home. I’ve met endless shells of love and lust waiting for broken hearts to mend, but I’m still here Juanita, lungs burning till the end.