I used to think that nothing in life mattered, now I know for sure

by Choirs

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Recorded by Jacob O'Brien in Wimberley, Texas from Sept - Nov. 2011

This album was recorded over the span of several months and released in the Winter of 2011, almost exactly a year after the release of our 2 song Demo, and is the first recording to feature new drummer Matthew Hawkins. It is also the first album to feature Bryan & Schuyler on vocals, as we parted ways with former front man Matthew Scaggs during the recording.

The EP was first released at the first annual "JUICEFEST" in Baytown, Texas, and since then, the recording was released by Siste Sukk Tapes and Records on cassette, an Oslo,Norway based DIY label and distro. It was limited to 100 copies, 50 of which were sold by the band during our Summer 2012 tour with the Houston Tx based Screamo/Noise band MOTHS, and 50 of which sold by the label in Norway.

We also had one of the songs from this release put on REAL SCREAMO's 2nd compilation. You can download it here:



Track listing:
1. Pallbearer
2. Like Trainwrecks
3. Elephant
4. Speaking Fiction
5. I'm not lost, I just don't know where I am.

Schuyler Heinsohn - vocals/guitar
Zachary Franco - guitar
Bryan Powell - vocals/bass
Matt Hawkins - drums

Special Thanks to:
The O'Brien Family, Juan Cantu, Wesley Powers, Matthew Scaggs, Grant Law, Tanner, Jakob Rau, Jonathan Gallegos, Zachary Rodriguez, Krazy Kat Music, all our buddy bands (you know who you are) & anyone/everyone who has played alongside us, booked us, inspired us, or helped us to grow along the way.

All music written and recorded by CHOIRS,
all lyrics by Schuyler Heinsohn & Bryan Powell (except for "Pallbearer" which was written by Matthew Scaggs, Schuyler & Bryan).


released December 17, 2011



all rights reserved


Choirs Texas

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Track Name: Pallbearer
That familiar familiar feeling
when your lost in your own head
Every page that I drown in ink
lays crippled by my night stand
these words don’t lend a hand

reliability is fucking dead
my ability is fucking dead
I cant lie (to myself)
when I put it down without a second glance

These songs don’t help, I’m still shivering blue,
while you lay in bed, and know this next one’s all for you

I can’t find my faith in you

pull me apart by my wings
and laugh as I try to fly

sometimes you bend with the breeze
sometimes you break with ease

this is rapture; cold abandonment for every time that god didn’t get the hint
that we were just mere pencil marks that he should have erased

looking for the light once again
I’m done believing in you my friend
Track Name: Like Trainwrecks
The irreversible tide does seldom come my way
like an old wives’ tale, this jogged memory wastes away
and we see how fast dinosaurs are made

brush it under the rug,
I won’t hear anymore

Puppets without strings
Nothings what it seems
We can’t both be dreaming
So how can this be?

I am the dreamer you are the dream

I’d fall apart if it weren’t for you
If today were perfect
There’d be no need for tomorrow

Looking into the broken heart
On the other side of a one way mirror

We were built for flight
Yet we fall from the nest
To the hard earth consumed by dirt
Broken wings too weathered; withered away
Will we ever see the sky the way we used to dream of?
Track Name: Elephant
Track Name: Speaking Fiction (to the beat of a flat tone)
Cant find a place in this line
Never here, never on time
(how does it feel that your life is a lie?)

Its not what you do, its what you say
Get dressed to play the part of ignorant asshole or pleading thought
just leave me out of this static scene

talk talking in circles
you live your life in circles

From this way and that,
Under the toll of this poison I fall
Can’t you understand that I need you now?

I'm lonely but I aint that lonely yet
These lights are shining through what nights couldn't catch
I'm not afraid of the darkside
Track Name: I'm not lost, I just don't know where I am
Smile behind what is not mine
what worth I possess traded for time
Is this my life?

Is this how the story ends?
Self respect is lost to win

I wait for change through time
If right is wrong than what is there to pine?
Like the man who fished out at sea
I'll cut my line to set me free

I was playing in the snow
until I discovered it was ash
I’ve found you can’t escape the future
like you can’t hide from the past

The distance of my youth
Makes me long for hope and truth